Slight bit of oozing…

Day two of the course, whats changed?

Not a lot, thankful we have aircon in here if the hot weather comes back again! not as bad as I expected for a DbP course (DbP=Death by Powerpoint) because he knows what hes doing and does not rely on the slides to talk about it.

Im currently trying to dig up a cheap Cisco Catalyst switch off E-Bay to practice on, with very little luck! whatever happened to the old 2950-12’s?

As for the subject, i’ll let you figure it out 😉

BT a go go…

Well im back at BT Training for another bout of training courses. Except it not Citrix this time.

Its CCNA Boot Camp, which is the combination of the Intro course, and ICND course.
So its Wedneday and its already looking possible for a “Death By Powerpoint” course, except he’s stuck a program called Vision on the PC so we cant fiddle about while he’s chatting, we might be doomed from the start!
Guess i might need to bring in the laptop and abuse the BT Openzone wireless access system, wonder how strong it is in Classroom 11 (note: this is the same room we were in for citrix presentation server a few months ago)

Ack well, at least the lunch was nice, a sweet chilli chicken (thank god i didnt have that last night for dinner!) and a quick lull before we move onto IEEE 802.2 standards Eek!

I sense by Friday, my brain might be oozing out of my ears!

On a strange side-note, the guy is called Flash Weldon (wha?) and comes from Silicon Valley, So i guess computers flows through his blood. he also refers to IE as “Internet Exploder” which was funny the first few times, but is now tedious.

Will blog more later 🙂

Salted or Sweet?

(warning: may contain spoilers)

 Not long back from being out at “VUE” Belfast (aka Warner Village, now known as Storm Cinema on the print-outs) with a friend after going to see X-Men The Last Stand (aka Xmen3)

As usual when you go to see movies of this caliber, they are termed as “popcorn movies” so sitting down with a large tub of sweet popcorn (yum) the movie would fail to disappoint the people going just for the action.

The story is simple enough to follow, a “private” company has discovered a cure to turn mutants normal once more, but the bad guys fear that it will be used to “exterminate” the mutants entirely and create a mini “war” against it all.

What is surprising is the amount of characters that are “killed off” in this movie, im not going to reveal any of their names :P  you have to go watch it to see, it felt somewhat of a bloodbath seeing so many characters loose out.

The talk is that there might be an Xmen4 if there is enough interest at the cinemas with the current one, definately if you want to just go and absorb yourself in a bit of mayhem for just over an hour ‘n a half its well worth spending the money for the ticket if your into action movies.


Ooh pretty little things 😀

 The blog has changed once more, courtesy of some new toys being released by people in the WordPress community I decided to have a fiddle with them and to change the layout once more.

 Sadly the Blix theme had to go 🙁 but im now running on a new theme Called Regulus from, hooked in with the widget sidebar and the coppermine add-on!

 My god, they really know how to create extremely useful add-ons! i can add images to my gallery, and post them direct into my blog here! now to start to use the gallery a bit more often! (last usage was August, when they were doing the filming!)

I also need to blog more often, fallen back into the “once per month” syndrome of writing a post and then forgetting about this site again.

what the…

Quick, another update! 😛

So the last 4 days has been quite interesting for myself, spent it sitting in a BT building doing a course on some new stuff for my job.
To clear it up I should really explain it further, Last year BT bought out BIC Systems in Belfast/Dublin. BIC was one of the big training companies who specialised in Microsoft training, and various other IT courses, so thats how I ended up in a BT building.

So for 4 days I have sat through an “introduction” to Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server 4.0. Taught by a guy called Mike Laverick (he is the brains behind RTFM Education ) to give me a better understanding of a product we recently got put into work.

The worst thing is now I want to install it onto a computer here at home, and fiddle with it!

So back to work on Friday with a wealth of knowledge which I cant really use currently, and you may ask the question why? (go on, you know you want to)

Two reasons, my manager doesnt want me “fiddling” with the servers for the next few weeks, and that the system might need loads of work to fix some “problems” from what i’ve told. This is why consultants are sometimes the worst thing to do! 🙁

The only bad part of training, is being out of the loop at work! You loose track of stuff thats going on and issues that have came up.

Wonder what my next course will be now… 😉