Blooming Marvellous

Sometimes you have to jump up and bite it in the butt

Last night, my parents went into Partnership with Ian Lough (one of the three brothers of the Lough shops in Larne) to own and run Broadway Blooms.

Its a funny story how this all came about and i’ll fill it in some time, dont want to put too much information up here just yet until I get the full picture, but the original owner (Name Ommitted) decided she had enough of running the shop and left it to the shop owner Sandra (she owns the physical shop, but not the business) to deal with. My parents decided to give it a shot and got a hold of Sandra last night to organise everything 🙂

on a funny side note, in secondary school when you done those wierd questionaires as to what your Career in life would be… mine came back as a “flower arranger” Eek6

Fresh Start

Someone smack me, i finally started a blog 🙂

Well not really a blog as such, just a strange place to dump things onto the net. I felt that getting my mitts onto the excellent WordPress for a while might help lighten the effort of building my own site, and make me update every so often, so far so good then!
I know its being lazy! site design was never my strong point! look at the holding page here for proof!

Now lets see what else i can do with this!

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