Game Videos

A long time ago I used to run FRAPS on my gaming PC to record videos of gameplay with a lot of the guys from The Firm,  sadly the world has moved on and all the old flash videos have died a horrible death.  After some digging through the website archives, and abusing some online converters they now come in a tiny Webm format

These days with the world of Youtube, I might upload something there in place of converting to WebM and trying to get it working in WordPress


This is a silent video from one day on the Minecraft Alpha server, showing off some of the structures we had built at the time

And another video from the old Minecraft server, this time demonstrating the “dome” we built one week underwater… manually by hand

Finally a little bit of running around in the Nighttime during Minecraft Beta 1.8.1,  listen to how different it is back then!

Dead Island

A quick demonstration on Manta’s driving of the big truck on the island, with TeeCee directing him

And a video later on with B1ade in-game and getting knocked on his ass by two zombies


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