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Chicago SkylineIt’s good to be back 😉 Okay so it’s been a long 2 years and 2 months since my last post here, which had me celebrating the purchase of my apartment and a quick snippet about my trip to Boston with my work.

So why the silence for 2 years? especially after previously stating in June 2012 about hopefully blogging more?  Mostly there was not a lot of interest to talk about with my new job, and “social media policies” made me paranoid enough to do my own form of self-censorship .

So you might be asking the question, if I was paranoid about self-censorship why would I be writing a post now?

Simple, I quit the company 😆  Stress and anxiety is not good to get from a job, and when you get pigeon-holed into one area to work you do not get room to truly develop. As an interesting turn of events one of the other individuals who worked with me quit last week as well   :mrgreen:

At the end of September 2014, I started with my new employer doing an entirely different role.  Previously I had been employed as an ESX “Subject Matter Expert” and worked 2 years within that role,  which is somewhat funny as the original job spec was for a “Windows Support Engineer”… how can you go from Windows to ESX? in a Managers eyes its very simple if you happen to have “vSphere” listed on your CV!

My new job is a Windows/Linux hybrid role, which should be a very good level of personal development and challenges!  This does mean a lot of training in Red Hat linux in the coming weeks, which sort of leads in a round-about way to the image above…

The company decided the best way to train me up in the arts and skills of Red Hat, is to shadow other guys in the team for a few weeks but this has one minor problem… the rest of the team work out of Chicago and New York. 😯  which means the fun of going to America and working from the offices for a few weeks.

I have 3 weeks away in America, coming to the end of my first week in Chicago now as I type this and finally getting over the jet lag somewhat.  Another week to enjoy working in Chicago before I hop on another flight and head to New York for the 3rd and final week of being away.

So I have a new job doing something entirely different and challenging, working out of the offices in Chicago and New York, and no longer being stressed out.

Who knows, maybe my next update may be sooner than January 2017 🙄


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