It’s funny how much has changed the past three months since I started the new job.

First, we were shipped off to America for a week of training at the end of June in Portsmouth and we were sitting in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees heat.  I felt like I was melting for most of it! thankfully they happen to believe in aircon for everywhere 🙂 then back to Belfast to start working properly.

But while I was in America, a solicitor and estate agent were working tirelessly behind the scenes on my purchase of an apartment in Belfast.  At the start of August it was all signed off as complete and I became the owner of a small 2 bedroom apartment 🙂  and today is my first day of residence with only one minor issue.. no physical internet or phone line! still a week away from being officially connected up to the net…  thankfully I have a backup 3G dongle I can use!

So I got a new job, I travelled to America for work, and bought an Apartment… what’s next? 🙂