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Boldly going, where a few thou…

Boldly going, where a few thousand have been, are going, or will be going shortly in NCC-93719

Insufficient system resources

Shush! 😮 So anyhow I haven’t really been “updating” the site since mid 2008, and its now January 2010 so that’s about a  year and a half of inactivity on the website.. but I haven’t been sitting on my ass doing nothing! I am going to blame most of the silence on the workload in …

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Access Denied

Talk about a leave of absence! Have not been near this site since early February bar the occasional upgrade to WordPress itself. So its re-cap time, Apologies to anyone who landed on the site when they googled the 554 error.  I encountered it during December a few days before I created the rant post so …

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Disinfectant plzthx

Two months without updates? thats about the norm now 😐 So, Christmas 2007 is over (and I still have not gotten round to buying my new walking boots from the xmas money) and its now ’08. And for the 3rd year in a trot, my NYE has been cut short because I fell ill with …

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SMTP Error 554: Transaction failed

How stupid can some people be? Particularly when it comes to work email accounts? 🙄 Here at work, we utilise Surfcontrol for filtering web and email for certain items. Its biggest benefit is that it blocks loads of spam, as well as the occasional false-positive (because of certain keywords being caught) as well as Adult …

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