definitely not alive…

Why do councils waste money on frivious exercises?

Saturday was the day of the “Larne Alive Parade” which, to put lightly gives the town an excuse to celebrate something… which is funny because nobody knows what the heck they are celebrating!

To go back a few years prior to “Larne Alive” it was called the Civic Week Parade, this was when local companies got in on the act of building a “float” that was a particular theme (like the Sea, or flight, or something silly) and it was paraded down the main street full of school kids. It was a great idea which involved many large companies (like FG Wilsons and P & O ) and local schools.

Something happened in the mind of the council and they decided to scrap this for the more “modern” carnival atmosphere, which leads up to this day in question. where the once impressive train of floats with bands, music, people in those huge furry suits and stuff, is replaced by a rag-tag bunch of misfits trying to think they are in Rio instead of Larne Eek

No wonder people dont care about the town these days 🙁

Fresh Start

Someone smack me, i finally started a blog 🙂

Well not really a blog as such, just a strange place to dump things onto the net. I felt that getting my mitts onto the excellent WordPress for a while might help lighten the effort of building my own site, and make me update every so often, so far so good then!
I know its being lazy! site design was never my strong point! look at the holding page here for proof!

Now lets see what else i can do with this!