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Are you sure…

So, over 2 years ago I posted my last blog here.  in those 27+ months a lot has occurred and a lot of changes have taken place, some for them for the best.  I guess I need to summarise what has been going on since then. I could run through a million reasons as to why I …

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What’s that burning smell…

Why do the problems always occur to the company’s major-important systems?

So today, We have fixed another problem with our (PITA) “Case Management System”

You cannot escape

le CrackBerry

So, that’s another mini-project “started” At 10am this morning, we started the initial setup of a Blackberry Enterprise solution in with us.  This you would normally think would be dead simple,  Throw in the box and configure it, then open a few ports in a firewall and away you go. Well, our network is not …

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Whats that dripping sound?

Server Image

Ha! Just been informed that our Disaster Recovery site in Antrim is flooded. So that’s a couple grands worth of equipment fried/dead/BER What a way to start the weekend 😥 So I now have to finish my lunch (which I was having late today) and drive from Belfast, up to Antrim to “get on the …

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Grabbing Pills!

The Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2

Right,  so after many many hours of Left 4 Dead 2 with a few friends on Steam we have came across some interesting facts.  This has been noted on our steam community servers which are running Sourcemod with the country code mod enabled. The French seem to be the biggest country with “RageQuitters”, but this …

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