Access Denied

Talk about a leave of absence! Have not been near this site since early February bar the occasional upgrade to WordPress itself.

So its re-cap time, Apologies to anyone who landed on the site when they googled the 554 error.  I encountered it during December a few days before I created the rant post so that is why its there, I can presume it only occurs when your bandwidth is being sucked away by some random web-surfer!

We replaced all the computers in our Headquarters no problem, then have spent the last few months troubleshooting problems with them! Bit of simple advice if you have Dell Optiplex 755’s where the Network card drops constantly (a Yo-Yo effect)…
It does not matter if you have A09 Bios installed, or disabled the Management Engine, or upgraded the drivers, the cards effectively b0rked and you have to call Dell Business Support to get the board replaced!
I don’t know if the new 755’s have the same problem but I feel we may discover this once we buy more of them for some of our other offices!

We also have more upcoming projects, including an upgrade of our Oracle system which is occurring shortly… something I am not looking forward to as we are upgrading from a really old Oracle 8i Database to last years Oracle 10g version (and to add insult to injury, since the project started in December last year, Oracle 11g has now been released for Microsoft Windows!)
A lot of the work will be done by Consultants who have more of a clue when it comes to Oracle, but since it involves "breaking" a cluster there is a bit of a risk involved.. that and our recovery server is tied up with initial testing means our safety net is really really small!

On an aside regarding my rant in December, It seems that some people do not have any common sense when it comes to using the Internet at work. When you get a webpage saying Access Denied: This page has been blocked by Surfcontrol they might stop and think for a second that they really shouldn’t be looking at those types of sites.

I need to sit down and do the "About Me" page on this site 🙁
Oh, and if this looks a bit screwy, I decided to give Windows Live Writer another try with this blog, who knows how bad this will look!


    • TdC on Tue 8th Sep, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    zomg update 😮

  1. What he said!

  2. so dull without an update tbh :p

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