You cannot escape

le CrackBerry So, that’s another mini-project “started”

At 10am this morning, we started the initial setup of a Blackberry Enterprise solution in with us.  This you would normally think would be dead simple,  Throw in the box and configure it, then open a few ports in a firewall and away you go.

Well, our network is not that simple 😥  Its quite complicated to explain how it works but our connection goes via two other “sections” before it touches the Internet,  so giving us numerous firewalls  to configure to allow the Blackberry solution to even remotely talk externally. I only have authorisation to change 2 physical devices while the rest are managed by individuals in the other sections.

So by 2pm today, our BES solution was able to communicate with the great big world.. and from then the first 2 company Blackberry phones have been activated 😎 So two poor hapless souls here suffer the indignation of having to carry a phone capable of accessing their work emails anywhere and any time.

The good part is, that I am not one of them so far.  And its effectively a pilot to allow the company to “test” the devices.
(truthfully, its the way management are trying to sneak the solution in under the radar so its suddenly available to all who need it later, without having to jump through the many hoops of buying the kit, when its already installed under a pilot)
This should make for an interesting few months then, once I receive the remaining 18 handsets and issue them out to the respective “testers” so they can break them! 🙂

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