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The Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2

Right,  so after many many hours of Left 4 Dead 2 with a few friends on Steam we have came across some interesting facts.  This has been noted on our steam community servers which are running Sourcemod with the country code mod enabled.

  1. The French seem to be the biggest country with “RageQuitters”, but this could be attributed to two situations
    • They don’t communicate with the rest of the team, yes I know french is a language but nearly everyone else uses English or “Pigeon English” to communicate stuff.  being able to shout “CHARGER BEHIND” in voice comms does help stopping you getting raped by said charger
    • some of them only want to play as Infected who win the round, if the survivors make it to the safe room they quit very quickly.
  2. A well co-ordinated team who does well in versus, never gets past the 3rd level due to the ragequits. If a team is losing then there is less effort to actually “win”.
  3. There’s more Aggro going around in-game, especially directed towards the new players (or n00bs as people love to refer to them).  They of course don’t help themselves if they immediately join a versus game when they have never played single player before 🙄
  4. Team Versus is almost as bad as “public” games, if the teams loses a round they allquit. some stuff we’ve noted are:
    • There’s more interest in playing the first level of Dead Center, just for the charger Insta-kill points. (if they fail to kill anyone in their round, they quit)
    • They are quicker to aggro than public games, with accusations flying normally within the 2nd level (again, hard to ever complete a versus game during Team Versus because of this)
    • Some teams take it very very seriously, if they immediately ask if the server your playing has cevo settings you know they are competitive.  They are also the teams who use Ventrilo instead of L4D2’s in-built voice comms (some teams don’t like the seconds delay you get at times)
  5. There is no friendly “banter” between the teams, everythings  taken so severe.  I don’t know if this is because a lot of people seemed to have came across from CS:S more than the original L4D players. (this we’ve noticed more of these players popping up since Christmas time)

It is always funny when playing and you realise someone on the opposing side doesn’t have a microphone, you start to pick on them more because the team can’t exactly react to someones shouts when they have to open a text box and type in “HELP!” 😆

I guess one reason we notice the ragequits more often lately is that we normally play as a “team” together.  Tho most of the times across voice comms our conversations are less about the game and more about random stuff that’s going on, or my cackling 🙂

Again, most of whats noted here has been on our steam community servers (hosted at ) so you may find it completely different on other servers or with other communities.  Just remember tho if the person doesn’t speak in game either they don’t have a microphone, or they’re french!

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  1. I find ze comments about ze french tres offensivé

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