Out with the Old…

So, almost 2 years ago (circa November ’05) I went and exchanged my old Peugeot Partner, for a new Ford Fiesta 1.25 Style.
Ford Fiesta 2005 3Dr silver Photo

This was because the Partners fuel economy was closer to a Hummer than its figures made out, so it was effectively costing me loads to drive to work and back each week. A minor niggle back then was also the fact that I was a temporary employee for who I work full time for now, You never do get “job security” when your a temp. so changed cars to something more affordable in case the SHTF (shit hit the fan)

So, 2 years later and I’ve been Permanent for over a year and a half and still driving the Fiesta has proven one minor flaw in my plan. Boot Space.
The Boot in the Fiesta might be “big” for its class, but its bloody tiny when you work in IT. constantly having to fold down the back seats to get stuff in and out gets annoying after a while, so I decided to start looking for a bigger car over 2 months ago.
Ended up last week picking up a brand new Nissan Qashqai 1.5d Acenta from Charles Hurst Nissan in Newtownabbey, fair enough its not as big as some of the Estate cars I had been looking at (like the Mondeo Titanium estate) but its big enough for me.

Nissan Qashqai

I’ve also started kicking myself into gear to getting all my Airsoft stuff sorted out for going again, just shortly before the VCR Act starts to affect us.  Picked up a nice M16 SPR (Mk 12 Mod 1) AEG from RSOV in Hong Kong for cheap, its one of these dreaded Chinese clones (aka Cheapsoft) so it might develop a fault but its all simple gearboxes and motors at the end of it all… dead simple to fix. All thats left is some load-carrying equipment and I am ready to go.

Now to go and attempt to upgrade my phone (Orange SPV M3100) to Windows Mobile 6…

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