3rd time (un)Lucky

Well back in BT for the 3rd time in this job, to the old BIC Systems building down Airport Road West.  This time the course is on Microsoft ISA Server 2004 (One of the vital services in my Remit).  There is only 3 people attending it, myself and two guys from Dublin… guess its not a course many people want to do!

2nd day already, the first went past in a blur (mainly because it was very old ground, theres only two ways to setup ISA2004… the correct way, and the half-arsed way.)  So today, we are picking up on how to configure ISA as a Proxy Server, the likes of Access Control Lists and whatnot (last time I done ACL, it nearly caused my brain to dribble out of my ears courtesy of Cisco)

The only sour point is that everything is done within Virtual PC 2007, but the machine is Windows XP, 2 gig of ram and a 2.8gig P4 single core…. they might need to rethink this course with a couple of C2D with hardware virtualisation 🙂

anyhow, back to the course!

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  1. Just thought I’d drop you a line, good luck with the course in BIC! I read in one of your other posts that you have a Bebo page, if you’re interested I’m on @ dmarq.bebo.com – I’ve blogged a wee bit there.
    Will probably call in in Friday week to PBNI for a coffee and a catch up, was waiting till everything had stabilised a bit at my end, so sorry for not being in touch.

    See you soon

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