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Lights! Camera!

No, im not started an acting career, but we got the film crew outside of work today.

Another independant film company has chosen the wonderfully scenic view of North Street in belfast for a few scenes for a movie in production called Johnny Was starring Vinnie Jones and Samantha Mumba. Quite interesting watching Vinnie and a few of the actors fluff their lines and suffer at the hands of ignorant drivers getting held up 😉

Got a couple of pictures on the cameraphone which i’ll upload later to the Gallery of our view, making me wish i had brought my digital camera into work with me now! could have got some great photos of it as well 😀

interestingly a lot of major movies are using parts of Northern Ireland for scenes in movies, but its still strange when they use a small disused corner of a run-down street for a large scene. They have been here since before 6am from what we’ve heard from security in other buildings getting the place ready, its now half 11 and they are still shooting, for this one scene!

to give you an idea of the scene itself so you can spot it and go “that’s where colin works!” 🙂 It involves the Brixton Sole van and a metal fence, Vinnie and two others get out of the van (Vinnie is supporting a guy who has an injured leg) and talk to a guy whos came out of a grey grafitti’ed door. Its somewhat like a “safe house” scene.

im interested in seeing it as the passenger-side of the van itself is “riddled” with bulletholes, and of course with it being shady Northern Ireland Terrorists, it has to involve guns and bombs somewhere! 😀

post more later, im off to lean out the window once more to see what else is happening!

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Blooming Marvellous

Sometimes you have to jump up and bite it in the butt

Last night, my parents went into Partnership with Ian Lough (one of the three brothers of the Lough shops in Larne) to own and run Broadway Blooms.

Its a funny story how this all came about and i’ll fill it in some time, dont want to put too much information up here just yet until I get the full picture, but the original owner (Name Ommitted) decided she had enough of running the shop and left it to the shop owner Sandra (she owns the physical shop, but not the business) to deal with. My parents decided to give it a shot and got a hold of Sandra last night to organise everything 🙂

on a funny side note, in secondary school when you done those wierd questionaires as to what your Career in life would be… mine came back as a “flower arranger” Eek6

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