Fresh lick of paint…

Another painless upgrade to WordPress, and a new theme to give a bit more “space” to the page.

There seems to be a growing style of “squashed”  themes where its all clumped down the middle of the page with huge white bars either side of it, so I went for one which fills most of the page.  All I need to do now is to do some quick modification and it’ll be sorted.

Also went to stick WordPress Gallery Embedded (WPG2) onto this blog again, only to discover its a bit of a disgruntled employee… doesn’t want to work and if it can get away with it, wont 🙁  So it’s been stripped off for the time being until I can figure out how to get it working.

Im also back to my old K750i which I had to fix, the SPV M3100 just has been bugging me with in-car bluetooth issues lately in the Qashqai.  Good news is the K750i does work, but I dont know for how long!

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